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November 2010

AWOL again

Yet more apologies for absence. A recently completed six month course of oral antibiotics produced nothing other than a devastating bout of c. difficile. Even more grovelling apologies to those waiting for book deliveries and are justifiably irate.

Name one!

Passive smoking kills 600,000 world wide.

The anti-tobacco brigade have always been the vanguard of the army of zealots who abuse science to spread alarmism and impose political correctness upon the world. Their numbers grow bigger and bigger, while their actual evidence grows smaller and smaller.

It is known that direct inhalation of cigarette smoke correlates with a dramatic increase in the relative risk of lung cancer. That was established in the first (and probably the last) rigorous statistical study carried out on the subject by Sir Austin Bradford Hill, though the establishment find it more convenient to grant the acclaim to his assistant Sir Richard Doll, who was more amenable to indulging in the subsequent statistical shenanigans they required. For it was not enough just to establish that inhaling smokers were causing self harm. The elimination of tobacco, the evil icon of political correctness, however, required that they be shown to be harming others. That this was untrue was demonstrated by the failure of the EPA to achieve anything like statistical significance despite resorting to at least five clear statistical frauds.

Now they don’t even pretend to do any statistics at all – they just make up the numbers and keep increasing them.

As we have pointed out many times, there is ample evidence that passive smoking is not correlated with childhood asthma. In the 50s we children had more exposure to tobacco smoke in each weekly visit to the cinema than modern children get in their whole lives. Yet childhood asthma was virtually unknown. It has increased steadily ever since and is now a major health problem. Just see the little ones climbing onto the school bus clutching their inhalers. Now we are told that passive smoking kills 1,150 children worldwide from asthma and 165,000 from respiratory infections. Where is the evidence?

Millions of children are dying all over the world from avoidable diseases. They are real people with real names and some of them even get post mortems and death certificates. They have been betrayed by establishment organisations such as the WHO through policies like the DDT ban and, even worse, simple neglect. The trillions of dollars going into the fraudulent Climate Change Industry could quickly eliminate these diseases for once and for all, but there is too much money on that particular bandwagon to stop it from rolling.

So instead we are regaled with these turgid establishment media stories about imaginary deaths of imaginary people. Name one!

So we have –

Number of the month 600,000


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