Frequently Asked Questions

General stuff

Why does the cable weight damn the concept of airborne generators?

Why are linearity and non-linearity so important?

What is so important and dangerous about feedback?

So, what is so wrong about the BMA report on smoking and fertility?

Why do you contend that the "grey goo"  theory is untenable?

What is the background to the increasing power cuts?

What is the Uncertainty Principle and how is it relevant?

What is the second law of thermodynamics and why so important?

What is so dangerous about computer models?

Statistical stuff

What are the complications of averages?

What are the implications of data smoothing?

What is meant by RR?

What is statistical significance and what has P to do with it?

What is a Trojan Number?

What is the Poisson distribution and why is it so important?

What is the Normal Distribution and what is so normal about it?

The Binomial Distribution seems fundamental; where does it come from?

But what exactly do you mean by a distribution?

What is a data dredge and why so condemnatory?

What has the weakest link to do with fallacies in medical statistics?

What is the extreme value fallacy?

Is it possible to quantify the effects of publication bias?

What are the dangers of fitting linear trends to data?

How do Relative Risk and Odds Ratio relate to each other?

Weather stuff

Why contend that Global Warming is religion and not science?

Is it true that there was a scare in the 1970s about global cooling?

Is there such a thing as average global temperature?

What exactly is the Greenhouse Effect?




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