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April 2012

…as they go marching on

 Tobacco smoke causes meningitis. Sugar is a poison. The claims of the various zealot groups become more bizarre by the month, yet they are faithfully reproduced by the passive media without adverse comment. Yes, the March march continues into April. Each advancing step takes the various zealots closer to their ultimate desired destination, prohibition. No sooner had the tobacco fanatics achieved the hiding of displays in shops than they moved on to the imposition of plain packaging.

It really beggars belief that these activists do not understand the transmission of infective disease or the first law of toxicology. No: they are deliberately spouting falsehoods to promote scares among the ignorant.

As any fule kno (or used to before politicians took over education) sugars are at the beginning of the food chain. Green plants take water vapour and the dreaded carbon dioxide and store the energy of the sun, by the process of photosynthesis of sugars, which are not only the primary source of energy, but also the fundamental building blocks of the myriad of chemicals upon which life on earth depends. It is par for the course for zealots of the new religions that anything so beneficial must be equated to original sin.

Talking of sin, a confession here: your bending author not only frequently takes deadly salt, but inhales it, along with essence of deadly nightshade; to say nothing of, in pill form, rat poison and foxglove poison; all on prescription.

There is no limit to how far the anti-tobacco campaigners will go in mendacity to promote their cause. As we have frequently pointed out in these pages, exposure to second hand smoke and childhood asthma have gone in opposite directions, not marginally but dramatically. It is a tragic sideshow of the anti-tobacco campaign that there is virtually no research into the real cause of the disastrous rise in childhood asthma. Just when you think that we have reached a limit to how far the zealots will go, their latest putsch includes the allegation that second hand tobacco smoke causes meningitis. There has never been any acceptable evidence that second hand smoke is dangerous. If you go back to the original claims by the EPA and remove the self-evident statistical frauds, it is innocent as a cause of cancer, but the campaigners needed to establish that the habit went beyond self-harm to danger to others, so they began to fabricate on a large scale.

How long will it be before the march to prohibition raises the spectre of organised crime, as it did so drastically in the United States? Watch out for increases in counterfeiting, smuggling, break-ins and hijacking, when something as light and portable as tobacco in anonymous packages is allocated an artificial value way beyond its intrinsic worth. The zealots do not even bother with corrupt statistics any more, and the invented self-inflating number of deaths has now risen to 100,000.

Also on the move are the food fascists. They have learned from the tobacco campaigners that the first step on the road to prohibition is an advertising ban, so that is what they are going for. Naturally, in the UK the vehicle for the promotion of zealotry is the Guardian. It is also a given that the prime targets must be items that ordinary people enjoy. Hence it is no surprise that hamburgers and fizzy drinks are in for the demonisation treatment. Both are healthful additions to a balanced diet: where they are dangerous is when they become the sole dietary components, but this applies to any food. If you eat nothing but spinach you will fade and die. These foods, once targeted, attract the publicity-seeking epidemiologists, so we get the likes of the famous Dr Hu quoting foolish relative risks (after copious adjustments, of course) for sugary drinks and heart disease. Naturally, the primary cure is taxation, music to the ears of finance ministers and a fine tool for publicity-seeking academics. It would once have been astonishing that a national leader claiming to be a Conservative should go along with the infantilisation of the population by taking away its life choices; but this is a different age, that of the Nanny State, and modern governments are only too glad to be granted a diversion of attention from their serial cock-ups, which in the case of the UK coalition are legion.

 Number of the month –  3,162

This is the total number of onshore Wind farms in the UK, which is set to rise to 8,581. They are not just an obscene blot on a once beautiful landscape. They are gargantuan symbols of a thoroughly discredited religion, which not only contribute no power most of the time, but also wreck the operation of the grid and make a nonsense of the idea of a sensible energy policy. They were motionless during the reign of the stationary high that gave the UK such a wonderful early spring this year, but also had the brakes on when a stationary low brought gales and floods in a dismal April. Eventually, there will be a disaster with multiple fatalities.

When the nation comes to its senses some time in the future, after the collapse of the EU, it will have the task of demolishing these monstrosities. They might be of some value as scrap metal, but what is to be done with the thousand ton blocks on which they stand?

 30/04/12 (apologies for delay in uploading

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