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July 2010


It’s a funny thing (and one that our new ruling political class seem unable to comprehend) that the inevitable always happens eventually.

The insular residents of Eigg chose to wrap themselves in a cosy, green, candy-floss blanket of ecological idealism, by relying on three renewable sources of energy.

If you have three randomly varying, loosely-correlated variables, it is inevitable that there will eventually occur a juncture at which all are at a minimum. It has just happened to Eigg, just a month after the winning of an award for greenness.

The Eiggians have advantages over the rest of us softies. They have not become accustomed to electrical power and therefore are not reliant on it in peril of their lives. They live in old fashioned houses with old fashioned open fire places and are accustomed to a rigorous life. They were also fortunate that the juncture occurred in the summer rather than as the result of a stationary high in the winter, when there is no light or wind and the water sources are frozen. They were also sufficiently in control to have created their own back-up facility in the form of a diesel generator.

In the wider western world control of our energy supplies is not in our hands but in those of our political masters. It so happens that those particular masters are so ill-chosen as to appear to be a selection determined by insanity or malevolence. The new socialist of government in the USA is in the process of handing control of its energy supply, as well as the rest of its industry, to one Carol Browner, who is a leading member of Socialist International, a body dedicated to the implementation of world socialist government. That process has the prior requirement of dismantling of existing economies and cultures. The UK has handed control of its energy supply to one Chris Huhne, an extreme greenie, who has already decreed that vitally needed nuclear power will receive no public aid, while the worse-than-useless wind turbines will continue to receive wodges of  taxpayers’ money that are among the most generous subsidies in the world. An apt comment was that the UK is to be powered by sea breezes and pixie dust.

Both Browner and Huhne have “previous” when it comes to the ruthless falsification of numerical data.

This is not a minor quibble. People are going to die. There will be devastating power cuts and the national grid will be uncontrollable. This is the future.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Here and elsewhere the method of zealots to create a crisis and then use it to harangue the populace has been extensively covered. Sandy, for example has been eloquent on the faking of the obesity crisis. All these words, however, do not have the impact of a simple photograph of a boy claimed to be obese by the scaremongering establishment.

The story epitomises the social evil that zealotry has become; involving as it does schools neglecting their primary duty to teach in favour of interfering in the process of parenthood, the NHS neglecting its duties of care to indulge in expensive and wasteful surveys and campaigns of harassment, the spreading of false information created to order by epidemiologists to frighten people into conformity and just one egregious example of a false datum being added to the statistics that are used to disseminate unnecessary fear. The boy was fortunate that his parents are well-informed and not amenable to being panicked into exposing him to faddish and harmful diets at a vital stage of his development. Others, no doubt, have been less favoured.


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Serial whitewash

So yet another tribunal has cleared the “Climategate” conspirators.  One can only echo the comment that “we are shocked, utterly shocked – that anyone could have thought that the review might have found otherwise.” The multiple apologias issued by university authorities only add to the stench of corruption emanating from the institutions practising politically controlled science. If the climateers had been working in the fields of business or finance they would be in jail by now for a range of crimes including falsification of information, conspiracy to corner a market, breach of freedom of information acts and conspiring to conceal evidence of crime. The institutions have confirmed the belief that the only criterion for evaluating a professor is the ability to bring in funds, regardless of the propriety of methods used.

The technique of multiple small inquiries with highly restrictive purviews is the one invented by the Blair government to whitewash the WMD fiasco. As for having a “neutral” chairman who is actually making money out of the scam under investigation, it would have beggared belief in more honest times. The arrogance and contempt for society at large revealed by these official cover-ups is an open festering lesion in the body politic.

The name of the slough was Despond
John Bunyan


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From: the Deputy Assistant Head of National Materials Acquisition

To: All Public Sector Materials Acquisition Officers

Subject: The World Whitewash Crisis

Most of you will know that there is now a serious global shortage of whitewash; the worst since the Iraq WMD inquiries. This memorandum is designed to inform you of how the crisis has arisen and what we must do about it.


There has been a sudden global increase in demand for whitewash. This largely arises from side issues related to the Climate Change Industry. Demand acceleration has been concentrated at certain geographic locations around the world. Among the major consumers are the UN IPCC and certain academic institutions, including The University of East Anglia and Penn State University . The UK House of Commons and a Dutch institution are among others involved. Fortunately the media are sympathetic to this cause, so they also have a major requirement. The industry has to be seen to be whiter than white, which is why some circumstances have required a triple application. The result has been a shortage of supplies for some time to come.

What we can do

The Climate Change Industry is not only a vital young trillion dollar business, but it provides the basis for vital major tax increases throughout the world, without which public authorities at all levels would be starved of finance. It requires faith on the part of the public at large for such increases to be accepted, without which there is the possibility of civil disturbance, as the UK is experienced over the poll tax. It behoves us all to give this industry all the support we can. Meanwhile we have to keep a close watch on the consumption of whitewash. Extensive and costly research shows that consumption is closely related to the occurrence of public enquiries, which therefore must be avoided as far as possible. Contact this department for assistance in inquiry avoidance.

Meanwhile, whitewash is a vital contributor to the smooth operation of world government, so it is necessary for all of us to conserve it for those applications where it is really needed.


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The hyper-hypocrites

Gore, Blair and the Prince of Wales are the modern equivalent of the mediaeval Bishops who would go on a progress, flaunting their wealth and possessions, while preaching to hoi polloi the virtues of modest living and sacrifice to the true religion.

To a man, such people are completely ignorant of the basis of the global warming hypothesis, the errors of which arise originally from a misunderstanding of the quantum physics of the interaction between matter and radiation, compounded by a huge raft of other errors of logic and measurement.

Prinny, however, while matching the others in gross excess of consumption, has a much wider range when it comes to junk science. Homeopathy, Organic Farming and Climate Change are all part of his extensive faith-based portfolio of junk science, while evidence is not exactly his strong suit.

For those of us who are Royalists at heart and admirers of Her Gracious Majesty, the abuse of his position within the constitutional monarchy is a gross affront. His vocabulary is that of the inveterate scaremonger – environmental collapse; Russian Roulette; so-called climate sceptics apparently able to intimidate; make no mistake the sceptics have no wider love of Nature and her crucial role etc. All this came out in his address to business leaders at St James’s Palace, duly celebrated by the impressionable Louise Gray. It is a farrago of insults to those who adhere to science and its methods. Who are these sceptics who are not lovers of nature? Has anyone ever met one?

Such routine abuse has become standard for the proponents of the new religion. For it to come from the Heir to the Throne, speaking from the imposing location of a Royal Palace is unconscionable.


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If you lavish manure upon your soil you will enrich it and encourage your crops to grow, but you will also cause weeds to grow, which will suffocate your crops. Therefore you must be active with your hoe, cutting them off at the roots so that your crops may flourish. Likewise if you throw money at a public enterprise you will also enable it to grow, but you will also cause a growth of managers, which will stifle the growth you desire. So it has been in the UK and will be in the USA .

The UK National Health Service was not originally a socialist creation. It was supported by all parties in the war time coalition following the acceptance of the Beveridge report in 1942. Churchill spoke in favour, but counselled caution over speed of implementation on the grounds of cost. In the end the provision was implemented by the post-war Labour government and in the hands of an extreme socialist (Bevan). It was a top-down state-controlled organisation and part of the Welfare State, not the localised affair envisaged by Beveridge. The cost was enormous at a time when the country was flat broke. The consequent debts crippled that nation for years and the generation who were children at that time spent their whole lives repaying them. Subsequent governments (such as that of Thatcher) exacerbated its problems by adding layers of administration. The New Labour Government of Blair and Brown simply threw money at it, taking little interest in how it was spent. Thus, although professional staff increased, modestly, the managerial staff grew by leaps and bounds. They had a symbiotic relationship with the also expanding Government bureaucracy and its obsessions with targets and tables, each justifying the growth of the other. The administration became an out-of-control monster that did great harm to the effectiveness of the service. Cameron made a considerable mistake in ring-fencing the service from the nationwide cuts that became inevitable after the New Labour spending and borrowing spree.

Likewise the BBC had money thrown at it by remorseless increases in the poll tax by which it was funded. As with the NHS this resulted in a huge expansion of management, not only in numbers but in scale of salaries, to which the cliché “obscene” seems to be appropriate. Again, this was accompanied by a precipitous decline in quality of programming. It ceased to exploit its unique advantage of being able to provide programmes uninterrupted by advertising and instead chose to compete with its commercial rivals on the downward path to catering for the basest of public taste.

It is in the nature of managers that they seek to expand their empires, while guarding their backs and justifying their existence. One generation of professionals appoints clerks to disburden themselves of administrative chores and the next generation finds itself reporting to those clerks as their managers. These grant themselves huge rewards in salaries and pensions and are grossly parasitic on the groaning taxpayers.

As we wrote in these pages over two years ago, before the disaster actually struck “If the wealth creating part of any enterprise shrinks continuously, while the wealth dissipating part grows relentlessly, there can be only one eventual outcome.”

If only the new political class were up to dealing with the situation.


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A mistake

In any debate it is a major strategic blunder to fall into an error of which you might justly accuse your interlocutor. Once you start justifying the unjustifiable you are on that slippery slope that leads to perdition. So it was with the climate alarmists when they began to clutch at every straw that might support their case, a path which culminated in our now notorious list. The same danger exists for their opponents, the climate sceptics.

When Gerlich and Tscheuschner's paper on Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics appeared, your bending author, in response to a number of requests, offered a comment . This opinion was less than sanguine and was made in the hope that the affair would experience a quiet death after a short life. Now the paper has emerged twice in the last couple of days. The first reference occurred within the relative privacy of our Forum, which is perhaps of little moment, but the second, within a couple of days, was in a list of the worst AGW papers.

Perhaps the original view put forward in that opinion was a trifle understated, so here is a more forthright one – the paper is a load of old hogwash. Although it appears superficially to provide support for the sceptical case, jumping onto this particular bandwagon would be a disservice to the cause of science.  


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Insanity rules UK

If the question were put “Who would be the worst person to be put in charge of  Britain’s energy security?” there would be few candidates ahead of Chris Huhne. His extreme Greenie views permeate the Government’s proposals for a low energy future. The previous government only wrecked the economy and plunged the population into debt. Their attitude to the energy future was comparatively just malign neglect, but as such essentially dangerous. Huhne is going to kill even more people, perhaps not during his tenure of office, but at some time in the future. Extraordinarily, his main proposal to avoid the looming energy crisis is to increase a fundamental cause of that crisis, the building of even more worse than useless wind turbines instead of vitally needed nuclear power stations. In doing so he will place an enormous financial burden on electricity users, both industrial and domestic, maintaining the pretence that it is not a tax. Evidence from around the world is establishing that the derisory estimate of proportion of working time for these white elephants at 30% is grossly optimistic. What does he do when anyone tries to explain to him the folly of having to switch off real power sources during the twenty percent of time that the wind blows? Does he put his hands over his ears and shout “Na na nee na na, can’t hear you”?

The real responsibility for this disastrous fiasco, of course, is attributable to his boss, Stuntman Dave, who revelled in his Greenie credentials in some of his earlier stunts (the hug-a-husky trip to see a retreating glacier in a country where he could have seen an advancing glacier too, the pesky windmill on his urban house etc.) He remains far closer to his Lib-Dem Greenie allies than he does to his own party.

What will a future government do when it becomes blindingly obvious that these giant religious icons are worse than useless? Will it have the resources to demolish them and restore the visual and aural amenity of our countryside, or will they simply be left there to decay like rotten stumps in a once beautiful mouth?

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Number of the month – 1

One degree Fahrenheit is a temperature change so small that you do not even notice it as you walk from room to room. The hysteresis in your central heating control is of this order of magnitude, so that it is not continually jittering on and off. It is about one twelfth of the difference in average January temperatures between London and Lisbon , which is why Britons who can afford it retire to Portugal to spend their last years in relative comfort. Above all, it is less than the likely error in trying to estimate global temperatures from sparse and randomly scattered surface stations. Yet to it is ascribed the cause of nearly eight hundred disasters, many of them contradictory, as recorded in our list.

You might think that the UK Met Office, in the light of its own recent record of forecasting disasters, would feel that a period of silence is in order, but that is to misunderstand the mind of the zealot. It is now telling us that in the last 50 years global temperature haw increased by a whole One degree Fahrenheit. The conclusion is allegedly “unmistakeable”, but we are not told why. The long history of errors, misrepresentation and downright fraud that afflict the official surface temperature records have been thoroughly exposed (at WUWT and Climate Audit, for example).  History has been rewritten time and time again. The only data untouched by human hand is that from satellites, yet these are excluded by the Met Office. How odd!

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Index, searchbox and begging bowl

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