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Gordon's Science Links

Good guys

These are the first of the few, the leaders of the resistance movement against the new orthodoxy. They are all worth a regular visit. Inclusion is based on the treatment of numbers and is not an endorsement of any political views expressed.

If you read nothing else, read The Junk Science Home Page

The Natural Resources Stewardship Project

The Freedom Association

Panic Watch

CCNET the response to catastrophism. 

Climate Audit

Langmuir on Pathological Science

Stephen's guide to the logical fallacies is essential reading for anyone who wants to know how they pull the wool over our eyes.

Rather political but with some common sense science is The Official Cato Institute Homepage

More cool common sense in The Skeptic magazine

More than you wanted to know about fashionable bunkum in The Skeptic's Dictionary

Powerful debunking in Michael Fumento Mythbusters 'R' Us

Can you believe what "scientists" actually get up to in HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research?

The guide to general BAD SCIENCE (but wrong on the Greenhouse Effect). 

The antidote − National Anxiety Center Online - Your Information Source on Media Scare Campaigns

If only some of them would read A Journalist's Handbook on Environmental Risk.

There is also plenty of statistical help and guide to sources for journalists and other writers at

Philip Stott's Envirospin Watch

Cut through the crap with The Science & Environmental Policy Project

The fuel lobby's answer to green hysteria − World Climate Report

A  critical examination of climate change - Read the facts.

A careful analysis of the naughty things that scientists get up to in misconduct in science and other ethical links.

A little thing they like to ignore is the sunspot cycle

How it's done in the Propaganda Analysis Home Page

More from those beastly cynical sceptics in Yahoo! - ScienceAlternativeSkeptics

The truth about statistics in the media at STATS

Facts about the basis of the food chain at CO2 Science

More unpopular truth from the George C Marshall Institute

The hegemony of the legal profession uncovered at

Read about Dihydrogen monoxide and tremble.

Lots of good stuff at

To find out what the weather really did see extreme weather events.

For Myth-free answers to everyday questions get the Straight Dope.

Journalism as it should be at spiked.

Still waiting for the greenhouse in Australia.

The doyen of writers on math in the media is John Allen Paulos.

Trace the money behind the big lies at Activist Cash.

The guide to Statistical Literacy

Critical thinking on the web - statistics and probability

The truth about Urban Heat Islands and other Global Warming myths

Precautionary tales for the habitually incredulous

An authoritative exposure of the distortions of the eco-theologians at Envirotruth.

Bad guys

This categorisation is nothing to do with moral turpitude or the worthiness of cause. It's just the things they do with measurement and numbers.

Scares galore! Enough even to give junk a bad name at Our Stolen Future

The epitome of zealotry in Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), a national antismoking and nonsmokers rights organization

Anxiety is the product and the embellishment of small truths the technique at the Greenpeace International Homepage

Not exactly detached at the Union of Concerned Scientists

Political power is the objective and a children's picnic the bait at US EPA Pesticides and Food

For the whole gamut of the abuse of science in the lust for bureaucratic power Search the EPA Server

Lies, damned lies and the CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Over the top fanaticism about a real problem with Alcohol Concern the National Agency on Alcohol Misuse.

Proper science or propaganda at the Climate Research Unit ?

Have we got scares for you at FOE.

 Weird Guys

If you are short of nuts for your fruit cake, there is an infinite supply at ZPEnergy.

For a full list of all that's weird and wonderful on the web Crank dot net.

Forget the laws of thermodynamics! This guy has solved the world's energy problems in Perpetual Motion An Ancient Mystery Solved

Wonder at the science, then rush out and buy the Aquamag-plus.

Be amazed at the technological wonders you can buy for less than eight hundred dollars from California (whence else?) with the Clarity Meter. Don't miss the testimonials.

Patenting inoperable inventions.

 Challenging California at the Cogreslab.

More than you wanted to know about Uri Geller.

It's a whole new world of signal theory with the Triphazer.

The wonders of magnetohydrodynamics in your own home for a mere $500, and the science.

The Kevin Warwick page is unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition or members of the University of Reading. 

 SHAKTI  What can't it do?

A whole new technology with the Fogal transistor.

Wonder upon wonder from Bearden.

Tap the primordial energy with DePalma.

Experience the difference with the Clarifier.

Yet more free energy and, if you have done,  don't miss Tom Bearden.

Then there's Numerology.


Fake charities

The Junk Science top ten

Lots of links at Donald Simanek's site.

Ethical, Political and Legal Sites on the Web


Cold Fusion

Eric's history of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines

Federal Trade Commission Home Page

Office for National Statistics

A List of Tobacco-Related Internet Sites

Friends of Tobacco

Smoking Causes Web-Links

Smoking From All Sides

FOREST Home Page

QuackWatch Home Page

Online statistical analysis programs and software package for discrete distributions and other analysis

eBMJ, British Medical Journal home page

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease


The Karl Popper Web

The collected papers of R A Fisher

A guide to R A Fisher

Thanks are due to Our Man In Puerto Rico (Jaime Arbona) for monitoring and correcting the links.


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