Sorry, wrong number!

There are some minor and largely self evident typos, but two rather serious ones.

Page 101 Line 10 

The probability of getting either heads or tails when tossing a coin has become transmogrified into . It is, of course, 1.



Owing to a software compatibility problem, there are substantial lacunae in the index. These mainly affect the last third of the book. 

The epidemiologists

There are three or four minor typos that are self evident.

There is a logical error in the construction of the table on page 22. As a result, the entries in the right hand column have been displaced upwards by one place. In order for the subsequent argument to be correct, the value 23 should be replaced by 24.

There are brackets missing in the diode equation of page 45, which should read:

i = [exp (ev/kT) -1]




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