Environment and Health Myths and Realities

Edited by Kendra Okonski and Julian Morris

International Policy Press, 2004

ISBN 1-905041-00-4


A masterful exposure of many of the modern eco-theological myths, this little volume manages to be both readable and scholarly. Particularly impressive is the careful marshalling of the source material with detailed references. The content is well summarised by the chapter headings:


Prioritising for human health and sustainable development

Cancer prevention and the environmental chemical distraction

Endocrine disruptors: an evaluation

Are dietary nitrates a threat to human health?

The radiation folly

The risks of dioxin to human health

Will global warming bring mosquito-borne disease to Europe?

Illness and mortality from heat and cold: will global warming matter?

REACH and the precautionary principle: costs and benefits of proposed EU chemical legislation


Some of the material has appeared in other publications (What Risk? for example), but it is invaluable to have it all gathered together here. Indeed, seeing it all of a piece causes the reader to marvel at the relative ease with which the modern establishment has maintained these myths. Were it not for the blanket censorship practised by the establishment media, they would collapse in the face of such a barrage of evidence.

Anyone interested in the scientific pursuit of truth for its own sake should obtain a copy and quote it endlessly.


John Brignell

August 2004

Added footnote: the book is available from IPN.

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