Number of the Month

October 2000


The number of the month for October is THREE. This is the average number of children who are dying from malaria in Africa EVERY MINUTE. Time was when it could be justly claimed that DDT had saved 500 million lives, but then along came Rachel Carson with her mendacious jeremiad, Silent Spring. Her anti DDT campaign was taken up by the murderous EPA and vociferously supported by environmental SIFs, such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. Human life is an irritating side-issue to such fanatics.

Should any reader be inclined to dismiss happenings in remote Africa, here is a short extract from Sorry, wrong number! about the situation that once prevailed in Europe and could happen again:

Britain once had 60,000 cases, when the climate was little different from now. Indeed, in the early 1920s 16.5 million people suffered from malaria in regions reaching the Arctic Circle. 100,000 men died of Malaria during the building of St Petersburg. It became known as the city built on bones.

Malaria is not just a tropical disease. It could easily spread around the world again. The spraying of DDT within homes has negligible impact upon the environment, yet enables a massive saving of lives. Some poor countries  have been quietly using DDT to deflect this tragedy. In recent years, unbelievably, the environmental lobby, through the UN, has been pressing for a total ban. Fortunately, a number of influential people have seen the light, including significantly Ralph Nader. The Malaria Project has single handedly fought a battle with the environmental fanatics. For further information on the project, see the October commentary in the LA Times by Roger Bate, which is reproduced here. For the whole brutal story of DDT and Malaria, see Kelvin Klemm's chapter in Environmental Health.

In order not to dilute this message a number of items prepared for the October commentary have been abandoned. Signs are that the tide has turned in this battle, but it is not yet won.




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