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March 2013

Our turn! Cry the meat freaks 

Summarily dismissed by as pure junk, and quite right too, the latest food scare is taken up with enthusiasm by the whole of the establishment media. It is the result of a large, expensive data dredge, based on anecdotal evidence and yielding derisory relative risks (not to mention “adjustment” for alleged “known” confounding factors taken from the holy writ of approved targets). The results of such studies are largely pre-determined by the questions they ask. Why ask about processed meat, rather than, say, mustard, vinegar or pepper?

As always there are all those deaths with no names or death certificates. Also there are the inevitable kow-tows to the salt and red meat zealots. The one vital question they do not answer is – how much did all this nonsense cost us?


 Pain yesterday, pain today and pain tomorrow

 The death-throes of the global warming fallacy are going to be of long duration, painful and ugly. The carefully constructed orthodoxy, ruthlessly maintained by establishment politicians, academics and media, is rapidly crumbling at the edges. There are signs of panic in the parliaments and news-rooms, yet no signs of concerted action. As always, challenges to articles of faith are met with ever fiercer affirmation and resistance from the adherents. At such times the minutiae of holy writ become more, not less, important. In this enlightened age, Christians are killing Christians and Muslims are killing Muslims over minor differences of interpretation of the scriptures. Western politicians have their creed and nothing else to offer: the deeper in the mire they sink, the more impotent their struggles. They hang on for dear life to the threadbare rope of climate change, studiously ignoring the mounting and overwhelming evidence that it is a chimera.

Christopher Booker, the journalistic Lone Ranger, battling to restore order and justice to the Wild West, cogently points out that a more familiar plot of temperature in Celsius over time fails to show the dramatic effects allegedly revealed by the trendy anomaly plots. The very use of the word “anomaly” to describe departure from a base-line carefully chosen to mislead the innocent is just a crude example of chartmanship. There is nothing anomalous about the natural variation of the estimate of a physical variable.

Here we must enter a caveat: In a sense, Celsius zero is just as arbitrary as that of the so-called anomaly. Zeros of temperature scales are essentially subjective; apart from Kelvin, which is impractical for everyday use. That said, the freezing point of water is a much more relevant base to the possibility of life on Earth than some alleged average.

A change of a fraction of a degree has no physical significance. It is the same order of magnitude as the likely errors of computation on dubious measurements, even without the copious evidence of the cooking of the books. Apart from the notorious Climategate and the even more egregious whitewash that exposed the essential corruption of the present establishment, how many have heard of the so-called Kiwigate and the many other known examples of fiddling the numbers?

The costs of the consequent quasi-religious observance are borne by the innocent masses, who are even deprived of the possibility of electoral correction, since virtually all of our political masters are of the faith. Consider just a few of those consequences: the long-lasting, severe damage to our economy; many thousands in desperate fuel poverty; the pointless desecration of our once beautiful landscape etc. All for no cogent reason!

Western governments are thus firmly set on the economic suicide once embodied in Kyoto, while the rest of the world marches on to progress. As the world is turning to coal, the vasty forests of America are being stripped of life to feed the likes of the huge Drax power station in the UK, pointlessly emasculated by EU diktat as sacrifice to the carbophobic religion. This is just one of hundreds of examples of self harm practised in the west by governments who have completely lost the plot. They do not even offer their victims the traditional hope of jam tomorrow.

… and the name of the slough was Despond.


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The day after the above was posted, a letter to the Daily Telegraph illustrated just how infidels are kept out of the legislative process; particularly in respect of progress towards economic suicide:

MPs should be freed from party control in order to win back voters' trust

How to make democracy more responsive

7:00AM GMT 11 Mar 2013

SIR – I agree with Graham Brady MP ("Liberate MPs from their party shackles", Comment, March 8) that MPs should wrest control of the business in the House of Commons from the Government.

Two issues illustrate this perfectly. A large majority of the public think that Sir David Nicholson, having presided over a health service that has allowed more than 1,200 patients to die needlessly, should be held responsible and sacked. Every backbench MP I have spoken to from across the political spectrum agrees. Health ministers and their shadows, for reasons that are opaque to me, disagree. They should not be allowed to stop a vote in the House of Commons that would show the electorate that they and their representatives are at one on this issue.

The absence of this vote leads to public cynicism. There is agreement between the front benchers on an energy policy that is going to be unnecessarily expensive for the consumer and place the security of supply at risk. I disagree with the policy and applied to go on the committee to give detailed scrutiny to this Bill. For the first time in 16 years, I was denied a place without explanation by my whips' office.

The public will be more than cynical if the lights go out after energy bills have increased and it is evident that critical appraisal that could have averted this catastrophe had been stifled.

I look forward to Graham Brady, who is chairman of the 1922 Committee, putting forward his ideas in a concrete form with all-party support to be voted on in the House.

11 Mar 2013

Graham Stringer MP (Lab)
London SW1


So Chris Huhne is at last where he belongs, behind bars.

There are 22 references to him in the pages of Number Watch. The very first involved a ruthless and disgraceful piece of statistical manipulation, designed wholly to mislead the press and public. It was a prime example of how we know they know they are lying. He is a legislator who despises the law, believing that it does not apply to him. His legacy as a government minister is a bitter one for its victims, such as the thousands now suffering from serious energy poverty.

As a personal view, his ex-wife was ill-served by the processes of law. She committed one offence under pressure. He was a serial offender: even after the notorious points-swap, he still managed to lose his licence for a different driving offence. He led the prosecutors a merry dance, lying to the bitter end, when he then was given benefit for a guilty plea. Naïve judges are ill-equipped to understand how people with psychopathic traits can bend others to their will, even people with apparently strong personalities. Such people use others and discard them at their convenience.


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The angry silence

How often in life silence conveys more than words! Even for those who are hostile to its intent, the liberation of thousands of documents from the secretive UEA band and their international co-conspirators must be one of the stories of the moment: yet the blanket silence from the establishment media speaks with thunder. The pseudonymous hero who has launched Climategate 3.0 is a great human benefactor and deserves heartfelt thanks from those who seek the restoration of the integrity of science.

It is salutary to be reminded just what an alien growth in the body of science this was. Was there ever a statement more antithetical to the spirit of science than “I think I’ll delete the file rather than send to anyone.”? As we have noted in How we know they know they are lying, this is in stark contrast to Einstein, who sent his calculations to Eddington for a critical test that could have damned his theory. This, however, is just one facet of the plot. The organised suppression of dissenting voices, the deliberate corruption of the peer review process, the alliance with overtly political lobbyists etc. are all aspects of a campaign to undermine the operation of the normal scientific process, for ends that are purely political. Those who have no familiarity the mechanisms by which the science community organises civilised disputation can have no appreciation of just how shocking these disclosures are to those who have lived and worked with them. Of course, we had been able to deduce something of what was going on, such as the way that the global warming scare was manufactured, but the sheer cynicism with which it was being accomplished was beyond imagination.

Not the least valuable contribution of the revelations is the simple establishment of the cast list for this psycho-drama. It is, for example, modestly gratifying to receive confirmation that Richard Black was regarded as one of the boys.

>>> Michael Mann wrote:
>>>> extremely disappointing to see something like this appear on BBC.
>>>> its particularly odd, since climate is usually Richard Black’s beat
>>>> at BBC (and he does a great job).

Talking of BBC propagandists, Climategate 3.0 has also spawned a vintage piece of Alex Kirby stuff. Does he really believe that someone sat down to forge hundreds of thousands of “false” items of “black ops”? Your bending author has the distinction of having been the object of one of Kirby’s disconnected diatribes, heavy in irony and based on history rewritten, Orwell style.

The establishment whitewash of the original Climategate revelations used the method Blair developed over the WMD fiasco, dividing consideration into a number of small enquiries of dubious (to say the least) impartiality and restricted purview. Nothing has been stolen. It is still there.  There might be a civil case for breach of copyright, but it would be moot in the circumstances of material that has been wholly funded by the taxpayer. The involvement of the police in the earlier Climategate incident is simply a manifestation of a corruption in the establishment that is exemplified by the crudity of the whitewash that ensued.

Many in the establishment must have been embarrassed by the clumsiness of that cover-up, which might account for the present reaction, to seethe in silence. Their control of the media makes this a more effective response. After all, how many of the general public have any knowledge of the exposed incidents of fiddling the books on temperature measurement?


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Correction: apologies for a slightly misleading reference. The article linked here is attributed to another of Kirby’s gang of four who run a website promoting the establishment view of climate.



One of the great myths assiduously promoted by establishments is that people hold beliefs because of their position. The contrary is the reality: people hold positions because of their beliefs.

The BBC has been parading Professor John Beddington, retiring Government Chief Scientific Advisor and assiduous promoter of its favourite climate myths (can you imagine a climate infidel being appointed to this post, itself an absurdity in concept?). He is a biologist who wrote a PhD thesis on The exploitation of red deer. He is one of the Old Testament School of fire and brimstone prophets, in the mould of Hansen the Great. Old humbugs have been saying this sort of thing ever since mankind developed language: that all bad weather is caused by our displeasing whatever gods they are promoting.

Like his successor, Beddington is one of a sequence of biologists, geneticists and others of that ilk, who are elevated to positions of influence, where they are empowered to lay down the law on matters that involve physics and mathematics, of which they are generally woefully ignorant. Beddington’s pronouncements on the weather are nothing more than statements of articles of faith. They betray no knowledge of such matters as the quantum physics of the reaction between radiation and matter, the behaviour of atmospheric vortices or, indeed, anything else of scientific relevance.


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Case by case

Look here upon this picture, and on this,
The counterfeit presentment of two brothers.

Many commentators of the establishment persuasion have made remarks to the effect that it  is perverse to condemn the perpetrators of the great UK phone hacking scandal, while hailing the leaker of the Climategate documents as a hero. On the contrary, the two cases have nothing in common other than the publication of information. Consider the details:


  1. The information is owned unequivocally by the possessor.
  2. The possessor has paid for the apparatus on which it is stored.
  3. The possessor has paid by subscription for the means of transmission of the information.
  4. Third parties have been maliciously contracted to obtain the information by illegal interception, solely for financial gain.
  5. Publication of the information was done solely for profit and at the cost of great harm and distress to the rightful owners.
  6. The downstream consequences of these criminal acts have given authoritarian politicians an opportunity to impose drastic censorship laws.


  1. The information is owned unequivocally by the taxpayer.
  2. The taxpayer paid for the apparatus on which it is stored.
  3. The taxpayer has paid for the means by which the information was created and transmitted, including all human labour.
  4. The information was commissioned and generated for alleged scientific purposes. Sequestering it or destroying it is not only contrary to the spirit of science, it is scientific crime.
  5. Publication of the information was in the spirit of science, but also revealed the existence of conspiracies intended seriously to pervert the course of science. The perpetrator put himself at considerable personal risk of persecution by a vengeful establishment. If people wrongfully use a publicly owned system to store personal and sensitive information, they must be prepared for the consequences.
  6. The downstream consequences are mainly a healthy awareness of the existence of malignant elements within the body of science. The crudity of the subsequent whitewash exposed an inherent corruption within the establishment. 


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Number of the month – 7

This is a plausible estimate of the average number of minutes between deaths from cold during this British winter. They are real people with real names and real death certificates, not the insubstantial products of epidemiological fantasy.  It is quoted by Fraser Nelson in an article entitled It’s the cold, not global warming, we should be worried about. He notes that “Saving elderly British lives has somehow become the least fashionable cause in politics.” A special mention goes to prominent warmist Professor Sir David King, the former UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser, who honed his skills in promoting animal slaughter on a grand scale and subsequently described the handling of the foot-and-mouth epidemic as "quite an achievement . . . a magnificent record".

There is a grotesque irony in the fact that those now dying are old enough to remember well the cynical haste with which the scaremongers switched from the New Ice Age to the exact opposite, Global Warming, in the late seventies (in the UK, a response to the isolated searing summer of 1976). The primary cause of these premature deaths is the hysterical response of British governments to this vacuous alarmism. In accord with the water melon inspired attack on national energy provision, the political class has united to price energy out of reach for the poor and the old. If it were not for government stealth taxes, the cost of energy would be going down, not up.

The astonishing reality is that the confidently threatened global warming simply did not happen. The perversity of the establishment in blithely ignoring this reality does not soften the impact on the bereaved. Surely it could not be that the reason that “global warming” has stalled since 1998 is that the “scientists” promoting it have come under surveillance and have lost the freedom to fiddle the books undetected.


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