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July 2011

The enemy within

Project Water Melon, the bid to guide western countries into economic suicide by a process of rapid de-industrialisation, is on course and proceeding at full steam ahead. The EU, Britain , the USA and Australia , all standing on the edge of an economic precipice, are being urged to make the final leap by the enemy within.

Britain now leads the way with yet another Government White Paper on Energy that is inspired more by the carbophobic religion than any hint of rational analysis. Like Australia it has found that the great problem with coalition government is that you end up with the tail wagging the dog. At least sensible Australians are putting up a lively resistance; while Britain, with almost all its political, scientific and media institutions controlled by green cliques,  meaningless slogans such as “low carbon” and “clean energy” have now totally replaced logical argument. Carbon, the source of all life on earth, is not dirty and emissions of its dioxide do nothing but good.

In a Britain led by Stuntman Dave, an alleged Conservative, one perverse decision after another, rather than confronting disaster left behind by Gordon Brown, has greatly exacerbated it. Billions are wasted on such things as foreign-built, worse-than-useless windmills and gifts to corrupt rich politicians in poor countries, while insanely misdirected cuts plunge individuals and industry into ruin, to say nothing of leaving the country virtually defenceless.

 Of all the foolish decisions made by the Stuntman, however, nothing matches placing control of the most vital field of energy supply into the hands of that most extreme of greens, Chris Huhne. It gives new life to the old cliché – putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.  

One would hesitate to comment on the private life of an individual, which would ordinarily amount to an ad hominem attack, but an exception may be made in the case of a politician who gets elected by campaigning as a family man, then abandons his family in sordid circumstances as soon as the electoral coast is clear. Allegations of corrupt dealing in penalty points for a driving offence remain unproven, yet even without it he managed to lose his licence, showing that he has as much contempt for the law of the land as he has for the laws of physics.

The principles of a sound energy policy are simple and obvious. Yet they were blithely ignored in the Labour White paper of 2003. Eight years of lost time later they are now being totally overthrown by a despicable, ruthless propagandist who cares not a jot about the misery and chaos he will cause. People are going to die, but before that the pressure will be on industry to relocate to friendlier countries. The first to go will be what is left of the energy-hungry metallurgical businesses. That will be something else very expensive that we have to buy from abroad, further damaging our precarious trade balance. And what is it all for? The most important fact to bear in mind is this:

If the island of Great Britain suddenly sank into the ocean and its population never produced another molecule of carbon dioxide, the effect on the atmosphere, let alone the climate, would be immeasurably small. And even if it could be measured the effect would be wiped out by the activities of China alone in a matter of months.

“Ah” say the greenies “but we have to set an example.” “Quite” say the new Asian economic giants as they snigger all the way to the bank. Europe will have the most expensive energy in the world and Britain will have the most expensive energy in Europe.

Meanwhile, in the USA , a left wing president is trying to achieve similar ends, by-passing the democratic process and using the EPA as his attack dog. The EPA was founded on a lie (that 90% of cancers have environmental causes) and it has been lying ever since. It has been run by an extremist member of Socialist International and loses no opportunity to shackle industry and energy production.

Whom the gods destroy they first make mad.


Another kind of stitch up

One of the more emetic features of the establishment media scene is the BBC in one of its auto-erotic veins: so the headline BBC praised for science coverage is hardly likely to produce any surprises or enlightenment. This time it is a review by an “independent” expert, who just happens to be a true believer who worships in the temple of global warming. Whenever a climate sceptic is allowed to appear on the BBC you can guarantee that it will be in the form of a stitch-up, where deft editing is used to make all infidels look foolish.

The Beeb will go to great lengths and enormous expenditure to achieve such ends, such as notoriously trailing Lord Monckton round the world in order to catch him at unflattering moments.

This, however, is their other kind of stitch up, a paean to the corporation conducted by one of its own groupies. And guess what – his conclusion is that the Beeb has no need to present both sides of a scientific debate, just the one subscribed to by the alleged “consensus”: as if it had ever done anything else. He could not resist adding another bit of typical BBC trickery, by grouping climate sceptics with nutters who campaign against such things as the MMR vaccine and GM foods. How far away from the actuality can they possibly get?


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Number of the month - 5,600

This is total the number of pounds the British Government intends to extract from each household in the land to uglify the country with those modern giant icons of religion - worse-than-useless wind turbines.


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