Number of the Month

April 2010

Yet another supermodel involved in scandal

So it turns out that the devastating grounding of air traffic was all based on the output of a computer model; not any old computer model, but one from the now notorious Met Office. It is eight years since we listed some of the factors that make computer models dangerous tools, yet reckless reliance on them has since increased dramatically. Politicians and bureaucrats addicted to the precautionary principle would do well to apply it to this costly field of activity. It is reasonably safe to assume that all large computer models are wrong and that very large models are very wrong. It would be purging for there to be a few court cases about the staggering losses that occurred in this case, even though they are dwarfed by the costs incurred through the unthinking reliance on climate models.

Incidentally, on a personal note, this year your bending author “celebrates” 50 years of involvement in digital computer modelling (preceded by an abortive flirtation with analogue computers) having started on the first computer delivered in the UK for research purposes (a Ferranti Pegasus). Enough’s enough!



Number of the month – 30

30 is the average number of seconds between deaths from Malaria. The 25th of this month was World Malaria Day. It was largely ignored by the establishment media: all the more honour to the minor UK radio station JazzFM, which has devoted much of its time and effort to the cause.

All the more dishonour to the self-styled environmentalists, who have enforced a ban on DDT, the insecticide that has saved millions of lives, including those of so many soldiers in the Second World War. The abandonment of indoor spraying, in particular, was a major human disaster.

On the basis that some farmers had abused this invaluable chemical, western nations blackmailed poorer countries into banning it, in obedience to the Gospel of St Rachel of the Silent Spring. Furthermore the Global Warmers perpetuated the myth that Malaria is a tropical disease. It was rife right up to the Arctic Circle and is the reason, for example, that St Petersburg was known as the City Built on Bones. The lives of the poor in Africa and elsewhere are deemed to be of lesser importance. If we stopped building idols to the new religion (worse than useless wind turbines) we would release funds to provide them with clean water and other life saving amenities.

It is a mad world, my masters.




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