Number of the Month

August  2008


Apologies for the lack of information about the lack of activity.

Your bending author was subject to an emergency admission to Salisbury General Hospital in the early hours of Sunday July 27th with a serious bout of pneumonia and emerged on Sunday August 10th. A message was got through to readers of the Forum, but it has not been possible to provide an indication on these pages. There is a huge backlog of e-mail, some of it understandably irate, but there is now a lot of unravelling to be done at a time of low capacity for work.

It is one of the most fearsome of human experiences to be unable to breath and the body is weakened by prolonged infection, so it might take some time for a return to sub-normal.


Many thanks for kind and inspiring messages. In the Olympic spirit, your bending author is in competition with the cat to break the sleeping record. Out there in the surreal world the media have slid effortlessly into silly season mode, with stories of invisibility cloaks and the like. The Prince of Fools is in his right place on the front page. Allís right with the world.




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